Judy Woodruff, You’re a Journalist, Remember? So Do Your Job.

Last night on PBS news hour, Judy Woodruff interviewed climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University:


He said multiple times and in multiple ways that we are really going to be fucked by climate change, words like CATASTROPHIC, DISASTROUS. He tried really really hard to get Ms. Woodruff’s attention, elicit SOME kind of response but of course, nobody was home.

I tried to imagine if this was about, say a tornado, a hurricane, how Ms. Woodruff might have responded:

Judy Woodruff: So this hurricane could be “catastrophic and disastrous” for what specific counties? Can you say?

Then Dr. Oppenheimer would name the counties, get SPECIFIC but Judy just moved on to another story because no one really wants to get specific about planetary death.  A hurricane? An isolated weather phenomena? Yea. Planetary Death? Naaaa…

This man said that life on earth COULD END not TOO LONG FROM NOW from CLIMATE CHANGE and Judy just moved on to another story as THEY ALL DO.

What SHOULD have Judy Woodruff asked? How about:

What exactly do you mean by catastrophic and disastrous? Like, there would be so much CO2, it would essentially kill us in our sleep because we all know CO2 is toxic to the human species and much of life; or do you mean the temperature on earth would get so hot, the planet would burn, plants could no longer conduct photosynthesis cutting off our oxygen supply? Infrastructure would be affected, such as power line sagging, melting roofs, buckling asphalt? The earth would get so hot, large portions would be on fire at any one time? We would have to live underground? What do you mean by this and how should we be preparing for it? Can we or are we looking at the end of all life on earth?

But–no. Like every other mainstream journalist, Ms. Woodruff completely blew off his WARNING regarding our pending EXTINCTION. The prospects are really really bad but, no, please, don’t impart any details. We’ll just all figure it out when our houses blow up in flames when the basal temperature of the earth reaches 138oF…

No, don’t respond to the words CATASTROPHIC and DISASTROUS Judy, all you “journalists”. Move on, talk about Donald Trump. Maybe if you don’t ask about it, climate change will just go away.






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