Virginia’s Newest E-Novel is Due to Sprout September 2018! Get It! Read It! Review It! Then Go Save a Tree! Thank you!

A consequence of getting older is experiences inevitably get threaded to memories as Maybelline Emmons learns when she embarks on what she thinks will be a simple road trip to find a tree. She finds something so confounding, painful, yet transformational, none of which she signed on for, her evenings drinking Pinot, watching her hummingbirds…this was as always enough.

This passionate yet comic story revolves around efforts to save an old-growth tree but things go off the rails in a compelling, edge-of-your-seat way. Per Virginia Arthur’s two previous novels, Treed will curl the tendrils of your heart and blow your leaves off.

Saving a tree’s life is saving OUR LIVES!

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