Your President, Precedent, Is a Land Developer. Save YOUR Public Lands and Environmental Protections NOW.

Since I first posted this, of course things have only gotten worse. There is no incredulity for me as there seems to be for so many people because this is who this man is–a person so vile, so filled with hate, it eeks out from every pore of his body and now, of course, he’s going for our environmental protections, if you even want to call them this because they are filled with holes even as it is. Still, they are protections that have been in place for nearly 50 years. Our narcissistic-ally illustrious President, Precedent, has just gutted the Endangered Species Act. They are going for the National Environmental Policy Act, and of course, our little developer Precedent wants to sell off, “dispose” of as many acres of our Public Lands as he can. This is mayday folks. Mayday. Our hope was the Democrats would provide some kind of checks and balances, but are they?

Please contact your legislators. One email a week. One phone call. It’s not that big a deal to do! Takes ten minutes! Where is your nearest federal public land? Keep an eye on it and by doing so, you serve your country. Democracy, use or lose it. A lot at stake. Please pay attention and thank you.