And This Year’s Darwin Award Goes To…


But first, let’s back-track just a bit. The human species is the only species aware of its own death throughout its entire life span. (Hope I’m not the first one to tell you this).

How long do we get on earth? Average is about a total of 75 years +-.

Within that 75 years, how much individual freedom do we get (i.e. once we have “grown up” at least physiologically/physically; this is ages 18-75)? Subtract 18 from 75 and this is 57 years. We get roughly 60 years on this planet to do everything we want to do in addition to trying to earn a living to get food and shelter (which is getting harder and harder to do, at least in America, if you are not born rich).  60 years! This is nothin’. Geologically, it really is nothin’.

Awareness of our life span is why we are the way we are, on the far extreme end, narcissists, to the other end, loving providers but no matter how you look at it, we don’t get a lot of “alive” time.

So if we cannot escape awareness of our own deaths, is giving the Darwin Award to the entire human species somehow unfair? We live such a short time, we are in essence FORCED to be selfish and care only about our own existence. Add in our primate biology and state of evolution, and shit, it’s amazing we’re still around at all!

If the human species truly cared about future generations, it would not KNOWINGLY be fucking up the quality of life for future generations and it is. 2015 is warmer than 2014 which was warmer than 2013 which was warmer than 2012…you getting this yet? If this yearly temperature increase of the planet continues, life on earth, including for the human species, will be uninhabitable. The people alive right now are just hoping like hell it gets “uninhabitable” after they have lived out most of their lives or even died. We may be the last generation on earth (defining a generation as 100 years) that lives on an inhabitable earth. All others that follow after us
(50-100 years from now) will be fucked. Who cares.

So the Darwin Award goes to THIS GENERATION of human beings currently alive on the planet that COULD do SOMETHING REALLY BIG about climate change, but of course, they won’t because it isn’t yet affecting THEM badly enough that they give a shit so the narcissistic denial goes on. We don’t REALLY give a shit about future generations because we can’t–so instead of cogito ergo sum, it’s more like quia non videtur esse non possim (because they did not think, I cannot exist).

ERGO, the Darwin Award was always destined for the human species and let me just say, indeed, it is well-deserved! Well done human species! WELL DONE! You can do one thing perfectly! Cause your own species to go extinct! BRAVO!